Call for Contest

The 1st Int’l Job Photography Contest
Along with the 3rd Int’l Iran Job Exhibition
June 16th to 19th, 2020, Tehran, Iran

Jobs are among the fundamental and remarkable characteristics of human beings. Some anthropologists believe that jobs are considered as the most important characteristics of humans and that human evolution within nature and society has been provided through their thinking power and jobs.
Nowadays, economy and progress are based on jobs. In order to make a living and meet their needs, human beings require jobs and careers. Careers could be both individual and social. Nowadays, the index for jobs and/ or unemployment indicates the economic growth of countries. A major part of governmental efforts is devoted to solving unemployment problems and omitting fake jobs along with increasing employment rate.
As a professional reference for providing jobs and careers, “Iran Job Center” intends to hold the 1st Int’l Job Photography Contest along with the 3rd Int’l Iran Job Exhibition on June 16th to 19th, 2020, in Tehran, Iran.
Therefore, all photographers, whether amateur or professional, and those interested in photography are herewith invited to join this international event. It would be really appreciated if the photos submitted to the competition secretariat deal with this significant social issue, along with the photographers’ efforts in representing the realities and informing the society about the contest aims.


According to the International Job Organization, “a career is a set of duties and tasks a person does for an economic or organizational unit”. Focusing on the above-mentioned definition, we aim at valuing various jobs and careers in order to contribute to economic growth and better lives. Hence, technical, skill-based, professional, and innovative careers are preferred to hidden, fake, and non-generative ones such as street jobs, personal or the ones done for fun.


We presume that careers could be classified in either of the following eight categories. Hence, they are recommended to the participants:

  1. Educational, cultural, artistic ( including all the jobs as teaching, training, literary and artistic production, public relations, advertisement, press, media, etc.)
  2. Office work and financial jobs (including accounting, auditing, office work, financial, insurance, banking, exchange, economic statistics, etc.)
  3. Social affairs (including all the jobs as field studies of psychology, sociology, and political sciences, international relations, analysis, social statistics, counseling, training, etc.)
  4. Health and therapeutic ( including all the jobs as medical, dentistry, paramedical, nursery, pharmacy, applying new systems in therapy, health, and producing medicine, vaccines, etc.)
  5. Services (sales, commerce, product distribution, sports, tourism, amusement, nutrition, construction, repair, etc.)
  6. Agriculture and ecology (including careers related to planting, cultivating, and harvesting products and the required research for each stage, animal husbandry for various productive types and the required research, veterinary, physiology, studies about jungles and climate, desertification, etc.)
  7. Technical and engineering (including all careers related to hardware, software, industry, technology, industrial invention and production, workers for industries, workshops, laboratories, etc.)
  8. Data processing (including all careers related to informing, library, producing information software, information development, internet, information transfer and combination, data analysis, data maintenance, etc.)

Contest Sections:

  1. Single photo:
    We have a realistic approach towards this section and any kind of manipulation ending in change in the reality of the photograph will not be accepted. Having respected all the regulation, each participant could submit at most seven pictures.
  2. Multiple Photo:
    The photos including integrated thoughts of the photographer in order to present his/her ideas in the form of some related photos are hereby considered multiple photographs. Brainstorming is of high value in this section. Applying any kind of technique to reach one’s goal is allowed in this section. Statement representationshould necessarily include 100 words. Participants of this section could merely submit a set of photos including 4 to 7 photographs.
  3. Sideline: No to child labor
    This section aims at displaying the destructive social effects and consequences of child labor dealing with fake and non-generative jobs. The participants could submit at most three single photographs of child labor. It should be noted that no set of photos are accepted in this section.

Contest authorities:

Policy makers:
Saeid Samiee, Isa Mansouri, Mohammad Shalouyi, Hassan Soltani, Mohammad Akbarnia, Afshin Shahroudi, Ramin Asadi, Mohammad Hamzeyi

Festival Director:
Mohammad Hamzeyi

Afshin Shahroudi, Masoud Zendeh Rouh Kermani, Hassan Ghaffari


  1. It is free for everyone to take part in this contest.
  2. It would be appreciated if the participants submit their new works.
  3. No photograph will be accepted for more than one section. Submitting the same photographs to different sections would cause the participant to be excluded from all the contest sections.
  4. Any kind of frame, watermark, sign or name mentioned on the photos would end in exclusion.
  5. The photographs could be taken by any kind of camera including cell phones. However, it should necessarily possible to print them in large.
  6. The participants in all sections should note that their work should be more than 3000 pixels at their longest side. Each photo should necessarily be more than 3 MB. They should be uploaded in the website in JPG format and RGB mode. Having a statement (maximum 100 words) is obligatory for Multiple Photo section.
  7. Submitting the works and participating in this contest would mean announcement of ownership by the sender. In case of proof for anything otherwise, the submitted photo will be excluded and the sender must be responsible for any legal, moral, and normal responsibility. We are never responsible for such dishonest actions of the participants.
  8. We are allowed to apply any of the submitted photographs to be printed in catalogs, information, and advertisement tools related to this contest, while mentioning the photographers’ names.
  9. The submitted files which are not accepted would not be returned and will be deleted afterwards.
  10. All the accepted participants will be given a certificate of participation from the secretariat.
  11. Each photograph, which is accepted for the exhibition at single photo and/or sideline section will be, rewarded one million Rials and those accepted at multiple photo section will be rewarded three million Rials as well as certificate of participation from the secretariat.
  12. In case of unpredictable issues, we are to decide upon them.
  13. Taking part in this contest would mean accepting all its rules and regulations.


Multiple Photo Section:
One winner: The contest statue, the diploma of honor, and 100/000/000 Rials in cash and 700 $ for foreign winners

Single Photo Section:
Five winners: The contest statue, the diploma of honor, and 50/000/000 Rials in cash and 350 $ for foreign winners

Sideline; No to Child Labor:
One winner: The contest statue, the diploma of honor, and50/000/000 Rials in cash and 350 $ for foreign winners

Contest Calendar:

Receiving the Photos: Till May 20, 2020
Photo Selection by the Contest Jury: Till June 9, 2020
Result Announcement: June 14, 2020
Closing and awards: June 19, 2020
Photo Exhibition Inauguration: June 16, 2020
Venue: Tehran Int’l Exhibition, Iran
Contest Website:

Secretariat Address: Unit 8, # 2475, Valiasr St., near Vanak Square, Tehran, Iran 
Telephone: +98-21-88883653/88651486